Building a career in the arts is not easy…

Maybe you have asked yourself questions like this:

How do I pay off debt and fund my career?

What kinds of things are people looking for in a voice teacher?

What is all of this “branding” about anyway?

How do I build a website?

What tools should I use to network?

How do I do my taxes as an artist?

How do I write a contract?

Is this opportunity worth my time?

How do I get through this period of burnout?

I need a better side-hustle. What’s right for me?

We all need help from time to time in our artistic endeavors. Whether it be preparing for audition season, rebuilding your brand, or designing a website, I want to help you be the best artist you can be. I am currently offering individual career consulting for performing artists. I will build a package to fit your needs.

Please note that this program has limited space. There will be a wait-list if all spots are filled.

book a free 30-minute consultation today.