"Candice was an awesome voice instructor! She helped me understand the craft better and was great at helping me choose songs for recitals, too. She challenged me but also knew what I could and could not handle. She also listened well and followed the style I liked. I definitely became a better singer because of her, and still use of some of her warm ups today when I get opportunities to sing. I miss having her around in Pittsburgh!" - Richelle, Voice Student from Pittsburgh, PA

"My voice quality has vastly improved, with the breathing techniques which Ive learned from Candice. I can pace myself and I'm able to do almost any song that I choose to do and do it well!" - Jim, Voice Student from Pittsburgh, PA

"Working with Candice was one of the best decisions for my voice that I ever made. I had one-on-one lessons with her, culminating in a solo in a recital doing "Old Man River", and the quality and confidence in my singing ability was noticeably different. Not only did we go over the how to of singing, we went over what was happening as a singer performed, which once I started following (I'm REALLY bad at biology, haha), actually benefited my singing a good deal. Candice's specific teaching style is incredibly constructive to learning. She's patient and encouraging, and really explains things very well (will save the specifics for her classes!). And even just as a person, she's super friendly and fun to talk with, so voice lessons with her are anything but dry. She manages to blend effective teaching with actually having a good time while doing so. All in all, I can't recommend Candice enough. If you want to learn not just to sing, but to be confident with your singing (I NEVER would have attempted "Old Man River" if not for her lessons), give her a call." -Andrew, Voice Student from Pittsburgh, PA

"Candice is a passionate, knowledgeable singer and musician who taught me so much about myself and my voice during my time studying with her. I was a high school voice student who was unsure of my abilities and not very confident with my singing. Candice always had positive criticisms and unique exercises that taught me better breath support, projection, and site reading. I participated in two voice recitals where I sang solos in front of a room full of people to showcase what I had learned over the year (something I never thought I could do). Lessons were always fun and very laid-back for a very productive atmosphere. Overall, I could not recommend Candice more if you are looking to study under her!"- Alyssa, Voice Student from Pittsburgh, PA

"I am writing this review as a Colleague. While I have not taken lessons with Candice I know as a seasoned Professional Musician and Teacher myself what makes excellence: and excellence is what Candice's Music Studio offers. Candice is Passionate, Crafted at her Art, and an Excellent Leader and Team Player. It takes a lot more than a Degree in Music to be a great Teacher. You have to have Talent, Heart as well as intellect, instinct and: a desire to constantly be expanding your own horizons while lifting those up around you. Candice has those things in spades. Professionally, I refer Students and Professionals to Voice Studios all the time especially in NY. I would not hesitate to send my own Students to Candice's Music Studio. Very Best" - Jen M VanellaVocal Specialist, Artist, Educator, & Advocate from Pittsburgh, PA

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